Davin James Acoustic Performer & Songwriter

Davin James @ The Farr Best Theater

Davin James grew up learning to play guitar around the campfire; just him and a flat top guitar comes very natural. It’s a great way to have an intimate show with just Davin and his songs stripped down to the truest form where the songs were created.


Keith Sykes

“Davin James leaves nothing but great, life long memories when he leaves the stage. With one of the best country voices around and blistering guitar virtuosity, he uses hauntingly familiar yet completely original melodies and contemporary subjects to weave songs I believe will stand the test of time. And now he has put it all together in the studio so everyone, anywhere can hear what I’ve felt for a long time. This man’s time is now.”

–Keith Sykes (Singer/Songwriter)




Brian Burns“Davin James brings the heart of traditional country together with the soul of Southern rock and the guts of The Blues… boils it all down to one helluva a style that is highly  accessible and distinctively his own.  His songwriting sensibilities, his mastery of anything with strings on it, well, it all scales beautifully from the intimate listening room with an acoustic guitar to the sold-out festival stage with a full band.  And his fingers never leave his hands!”

–Brian Burns (Singer/Songwriter)

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