Davin James & The Bullnettle Band Rock The House!

Davin James interacts with crowd

Davin James & The Bullnettle Band

The band show is fun because it allows Davin to stretch out and play his electric guitar. When you add a drummer to the mix and a rockin’ guitar along with Cletus on the bass, you’ve got an instant party! Same great songs, kicked up a notch like hog fat drippin’ on charcoal!

michael berry“Davin is unique.  Special.  Different.  Memorable.  His music is incredibly accessible, so even those who hear it for the first time are drawn to it.  He’s not a surly musician singing AT the crowd.  Nor is he a prima donna above them.  He connects with the crowd.  After years of success, he’s not forgotten that it is the fan that drives the music.  He’s one of our favorites.”

—Michael Berry (The Redneck Country Club & The Michael Berry Show)

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